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Track and Understand your Clients

Email Marketing
Activity Tracking

Track and learn from social interaction

Kicktack's client dashboard lets you easily create social network specific content. While creating your post, KickTack will guide you with character limit calculation, taking into account each social network conditions, including image attachments, links, and tag weight.
You can create scheduled posts or create filler posts to automatically post according to an intelligent scheduler. Nucleus searches for the best time of the day and takes into account your social activity, while loking for spots that are empty

Nucleus automatically coverts every link in your post to a trackable shortlink before publishing your post. We can then track your contacts who clicked any of the social links and identify their level of involvement with your social posts.

Email Marketing

Create intelligent campaigns, track clicks and opens

Kicktack's client dashboard also provides you with an email editor that not only allows you to upload your own HTML, but we provide you with HTML templates of your liking. While composing an Email, you can easily add data from your account with custom fields. Since Nucleus keeps updating your contact's data while learning their habits, your Emails will always be sent with updated information. 


Emails can be created as templates that Nucleus can later use to auto fill for you, so you don't have to. Say you would like Nucleus to Email your preferred clients once a week with your latest sales, but you would like each client to receive promotions for products they are most likely to buy. Nucleus can use deep machine learning to identify your clients preferences, identify their intent, and adjust the content of your Email by querying your database for relevant products, depending on conditions you may select. Sounds like Sci-Fi, right?!

But it doesn't end there. After Nucleus emails your clients, it tracks their opens and clicks. Have they visited your product page? Have they looked at other products while at it?...

Activity Tracking

Track, Analyze, Learn, Identify, React

Whether you are an online retail store, a news agency, or a political organization, learning what your contacts are interested in is paramount.

Nucleus tracks and records every visit to your website, from anonymous visits to subscribed contacts. This data is stored and is viewable on your dashboard. Every page visit, subscription form view, every product view, or purchase, and really anything your clients do on your website is recorded, stored, and then analyzed by Nucleus with DML to subtract the "intent" of the client.


Event triggers for product views and sales. WooCommerce ready!

Product categories can be automated to be added to the contact record, and depending on custom conditions added to triggers, you may choose to adjust the contact score or send the contact a special offer.

To our clients who operate on WordPress, we offer a free, exclusive WordPress plugin with many widgets that directly integrate with the popular web page editor "SiteOrigin Page Builder". The widgets offer all the basic web tools you need to create a great looking interactive website. Our plugin supports WooCommerce which integrates most popular payment gateways.
Our "KickTack Event Triggers" allow our agents to implant hidden code on any of your website pages, posts, products, or portfolios, and send data back to Nucleus. Nucleus listens to these events and can execute custom NodeJS scripts. In short, Nucleus has absolutely no limits to how advanced it can get. It can communicate with any third party applications that offer open API.

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