We are a revolutionary digital agency, growing brands with proprietary marketing automation AI

Ground breaking digital marketing for your business


Deep machine learning powers our predictive marketing


We offer you Artificial Intelligence technology your competitors only dream of. Our in-house platforms utilize deep machine learning to offer you uncanny content personalization, targeted marketing campaigns, and predictive marketing optimization.


Sophisticated website and marketing campaign automation


We automate your most important marketing efforts so you can concentrate on your product and service. Personalized drip campaigns, scheduled and tracked social posts, website interaction... Our automations will increase your productivity across the board.


White hat SEO to improve your Google ranking done right


Our team of top-tier web developers and marketers have a profound mastery of web optimization, from markup to backend administration, we work with the latest technology and develop in-house solutions that give us a significant advantage over traditional SEOs.


Increase your ROI with advanced AdWords PPC management


We help improve your average CPC, and increase your quality score and CTR with experienced management of your campaigns. By building a strong marketing strategy, you can improve your bottom line and build an impressive web presence.

Discover all the services KickTack offers, including our Web Hosting, Website DesignLead Management, and our exclusive Marketing Management System

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All your marketing channels, synergistically combined.

Nucleus is KickTack's AI powered intelligent marketing engine. It utilizes all your marketing channels to support each other in gaining profound understanding of your clients' interests and intent.

Email Marketing
Activity Tracking


KickTack's client exclusive WordPress template

We are proud to present KickPress, KickTack's exclusive WordPress template, exclusively built for our clients. This feature rich WordPress template is clean-coded, fast loading, and constantly updated. We streamlined our backend services right into WordPress, so we can easily embed event triggers inside any page, post, portfolio, or WooCommerce product to track and interact with online visitors and clients.

KickPress ships with our own WordPress plugin that contains 17 custom widgets!

Our template can be easily customize to fit your brand and market needs. It is a full scale E-Commerce solution for businesses of any size and it powers our own website which you are viewing right now.

Feel free to have a look at our KickPress demo site! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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